Lyrics for the Week of 1.3.16

One of my goals this year is to write lyrics every day.  Here is what I came up with this week (some lyrics are just portions of what I wrote):

Sunday, Jan 3rd

We don’t even realize/There’s an idol in front of our eyes/We like to touch it, update it, watch it, wait on it/We’re controlled by it and don’t even know it (Inspiration: how easily I see myself and others idolize phones, the internet, and social media)

Monday, Jan 4th

Every morning Your mercies are new/Your mercies are new every morning (I have a tune in mind for this and would like to layer it possibly in a round with other lyrics)

Tuesday, Jan 5th

You’re walking with me in the shadow/There is no light, I know not where to go/But even there Your hand will lead me/Even when I’m weary (Inspiration for Monday & Tuesday: Psalm 23)

Wednesday, Jan 6th

You know me so well/You know I try/To hold it inside

Thursday, Jan 7th

Where is my place within Your story?/How will you use me to bring You glory?/I feel so poor, so tired, and so weak/Use me in my weakness/Guide the words I speak (Inspiration for Wed & Thur:  how to deal with emotions and remembering God uses me in weakness)

Friday, Jan 8th

Chicken and butter never stop (Inspiration:  Dryden’s silliness : )

Saturday, Jan 9th

Buenos noches, niña pequeña (Inspiration: another song I wrote a couple years ago called “Adiós Amigo” for Dryden)

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