Dryden’s Medley

Dryden is my four-year-old and my firstborn.  He is full of energy and life and has an incredible imagination.  He has such a joy about everything but he is also very literal, so in that sense, he is very serious too.

The beginning of Dryden’s life is kind of a blur.  Seth’s job was super-stressful so I was stressed.  In fact, I remember Dryden being a generally EASY baby but part of that could be that the other life circumstances were so hard that baby stuff was a walk in the park.

There was a particular day when I was struggling with being thankful, just grasping for something, anything to be thankful for, and I was reminded of a passage of Scripture I had memorized in the past.  I guess God knew I needed it in my heart for that moment in the future.  Somehow, the passage of Scripture took on the form of a song and it became part of a medley of two songs I sang to Dryden often.  The first song in the medley was The Gospel Song by Bob Kauflin and Drew Jones and the second one, the one I wrote, I simply call The Thank You Song.

Oftentimes, I wasn’t really singing it for Dryden, I was singing it for myself, sometimes holding back tears.  Here are the lyrics:

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day

Thank you that I can come to You and pray

And all my needs have been supplied by You

Help me to be satisfied with covering and food

©Bethany Heijermans

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