Lyrics for the Week of 1.1.16

My goal is to post the daily lyrics I’ve written in a single blog entry every Saturday. Since we didn’t have a full week starting with January 1st, I only have two days’ worth of lyrics. I may not always publish every single word on here but will at least put a few favorite lines for each day.


We all long for something genuine even if we don’t know it/We grow restless but don’t always show it/Inside our hearts we long for something more, something more (Inspiration: a sermon I heard back in August which inspired part of a song back then)


These eyes are not my own/Jesus, shepherd them toward Your throne/Set my sight on You and You alone/Set my sight on You and You alone (Inspiration: a short acapella song I wrote in back in 2009–I have always wanted to write more verses to it and today I was feeling it)

┬ęBethany Heijermans


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