My Other Dream Job

Have you ever seen the movie “Julie and Julia?”  I won’t spoil it for you but the basic story is about a woman named Julie who decides to follow Julia Child’s cookbook for every day for an entire year and blog about it.

I think my vision for this blog began with that.  I am full-time mom and wife and I definitely am living my dream job doing that.

But there is a another dream job I would enjoy.  I have always loved music and enjoyed writing songs.  I am no professional but I’d also like to stretch myself past amateur.  To be honest, I am not exactly sure how to go about doing this and I’m not sure what course I’d like to take in the music industry, if anything at all.  But it is something I’ve always wondered about.  When I went to college, I considered majoring in music in some form but then I took a more practical route.  I’m confident it was God’s plan that I did that and I’m grateful I went to school where I did because I met my husband at that Bible college.  However, I’ve always wondered what would happen if I did try to pursue music in some way, shape or form.

How exactly could I go about challenging myself to use my creative, musical side more when I am also a homemaker to one incredible husband and two beautiful children?  How can I even make time to write a line of lyrics when one minute my baby girl is crying and the next minute my 4-year-old son wants to play  “dress-up”?

The truth is I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BALANCE MY DREAM JOBS.  But I do know that when I make time to do things that I personally enjoy, it makes me a better wife and mom because I am allowing myself a little retreat to devote time to something that I love.  I don’t know what this journey will look like, how it will effect my life, whether I will want to quit or whether I’ll stink at it or whether it will take me by surprise, but I’m at least going to go for it.  So here’s the deal:

For one year, I will blog about being a homemaker and about making music.  I’m setting a goal to write lyrics EVERY DAY for 365 days of the year of 2016 and I’ll be honest if I miss a day.  I’ll share parts or entire lyrics for each of those days, plus I’ll blog about other musical things, as well as being a wife and mom AND how I succeed or fail at being a wife and mom WHILE pursuing musical things.

And I also want to hear from you out there–those of you who find yourselves pursuing a job that you want to, or even have to do, but also want to make time for that one thing you really love.  Will you come along on this journey with me?

~Bethany (a.k.a. “The Singing Homemaker”)

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